Sam Blye


Sam Blye is a representation of the space in my head where I can freely express my feelings. A space where I can be truly comfortable and myself. In a world where everyone expects something out of me, I can dissipate into my own little place that has no boundaries.My venture into art started when I was really young, when my head was full of happy childish thoughts and colorful toys.


At that time, all I could draw was silly stick figure animals and broken shapes full of bright colors. I drew every single day, scribbling on my homework and even on the walls of my room until my fingers were stained with every shade of crayon I had. I was never good at communicating to people, so I ended up putting all my focus and energy into making my imagination come to life. I’ve grown up drawing, and now that I am sixteen, it still really is one of the only reasons I can actually communicate through properly. I use art as a reason to run away from all my problems and hide in my little box of scribbles and imagination.